Private Referrals, Reports and Letters

Some patient services are not covered under our contract with the NHS and therefore attract charges. Our fees (below) are based on the British Medical Association’s (BMA) list of suggested charges for non-NHS work.

Please note that some private services are outsourced to an NHS Digital accredited company (MediData) to protect NHS resources. Please read MediData’s privacy policy for more information. You will be notified if your request has been outsourced. MediData will process your medical report via a system called eMR, and provide you with online access to your report via their secure, encrypted portal. If you wish to contact MediData directly regarding your request, please email or call 03333 055774.

We are not able to offer private reports requiring a physical patient examination e.g. taxi medical, HGV, pilot or sport licence. These reports need to be arranged by the patient themselves, via a private provider.

Our GPs are not able to sign documents to confirm someone’s identity e.g. passport or citizenship applications.

If you need a private referral, report or letter from your GP, please complete the Ask Reception a Question form. Please provide as much info as possible about the letter you need e.g. relevant dates and any medical conditions that you have. If you have a form which needs to be completed, please attach the original electronic copy (no photographs). You may be asked to make an appointment to discuss the request further. See below for further information regarding private referrals.

We aim to process all requests for letters and private referrals within 5 working days, but this could take longer.

We aim to process all requests for medical reports within 5 weeks, as these are often more complex.

List of charges

  • Certificate of fact (proof of address, school letters, vaccination etc) – £18.00
  • Confirmation of fitness to fly/attend gym, proof of age, incapacity, private sick note, attendance at sporting event – £30.00
  • Private referrals – £30.00
  • Adoption medicals – completed in liaison with local authority
  • Report or completion of form without examination (Blue Badge, DVLA, holiday cancellation) – £40.00
  • Report/claim forms (detailed) without examination (Ofsted, power of attorney, private health insurance) – £60.00–£120.00

Private referrals

If you have private health insurance

Please contact your insurance provider before contacting the practice, to check what information they require. Private health insurance companies often require specific template forms or questionnaires to be completed. If this is the case, the form needs to be submitted to the practice, and we will then advise you if we hold the information needed to be able to complete it.

If the private health insurance provider simply require a generic GP referral letter, please inform us of this.

The charge for a private referral starts at £30 for a basic letter. If we think that the required referral will take more time and attract a higher charge, we will inform you of this prior to completion.

If you are self-funding for private healthcare

If you intend to pay directly to the private healthcare provider, then no GP referral is required at all.

You can simply liaise directly with the private clinician of your choice, and fund this yourself directly.